Sunday, August 22, 2010

If I Could I Would Ask Her, "Are Your Eyes Ok?"

Or:  Why We Love It When Emma Thompson Cries
(The silent montage)


Even Queen Latifah is going, "What the fuck, Emma?"

The Good News:
I wanted to reassure myself that Emma Thompson is not, in fact, horribly depressed.   I then found this picture.   So, she's not in dire need of anti-depressants.

But, rather in need of a good barber. 

On a side note, I am convinced her character in Stranger Than Fiction is gay.  Call it call it gaydar gone wild, call it stereotyping because she's playing a depressed writer with short hair (me), but I wouldn't be surprised if it was part of the character's identity, only it was never directly said.  Like Dumbledore, really.

No, but seriously, it's a desperate hope on some level that she's slightly queer deep down in her heterosexual bones (this is turning into an unhealthy blog way too quickly...). 

...But COME ON.

You know, I had hopes that I would try to take this seriously and really talk about her technique or what she's done to help women in the entertainment industry or just her fantastic ability to be funny.

Instead, I wrote about how she cries a lot and that I think she's a gay wizard.  

Luckily, I don't think I'm in danger of her finding out about my poor sense of journalism.  I did, however, send her a fan letter.  And I do believe the words "obsession" "with" "sense and sensibility" "watched" and "five times" were used.  




  1. Beryl - Thanks for the 411 on your blog. D + I both TOTALLY open bracket three Emma Thompson so I especially enjoyed your riff on her onscreen crying jags.

    Here's a link to the scene from Richard Curtis' Love Actually* you featured. [Readers note: patience required - not only is the clip on a dog slow server, there's some seconds of set up before getting to Emma-Joni bit. Well worth the wait for ET-JM fans.]

    * a decidedly guilty pleasure and a holiday season favorite in our home, with with all due respect to Frank Capra, Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.

    All the best!

  2. This is totally Beryl and obviously totally Amazing. (yeah that's right with a capital A) FYI Beryl, you are now in my google reader and I shall hang on your every blog word.


  3. I LOVE Emma! And I think personally crying shows signs of strength because it is admitting that something's wrong, and you're ready to change it.

    OMG have you seen Nanny McPhee? I usually don't tell people that but I think you'd understand.

  4. I know what you mean, and I'm sure there's a term for it. Let's just say we all know she'd be the kind of person who would want to be in a Woman's Will show. Okay sure she's not gay, but she's not bounded by being female—she's too busy being a person to be gendered in the obvious ways. Helen Mirren is like that a lot of the time too. I take some hope from the fact that they are cast constantly. Question is who are the American actors like that, and are they getting cast?

  5. Jon-- I am so glad you two share the love for Emma. And I think I went a little overboard, watching several movies of hers in one week or less, starting with I believe Love Actually. But, I had only stumbled in upon that movie halfway through, past the point of her character talking about Joni to the Heart-Breaker Husband (oi vey, but I love Alan Rickman).

    Jen--I had no idea that you knew about this blog, hence me posting it to your wall earlier today. Awkward. But, this is hilarious and I am glad that you enjoy it.

    Chin--I have yet to watch the McPhee. I've been waffling on watching it or no, but it sounds like it's worth the adorable kid, moral-filled storyline?

    Cecily--I think it's true. The women of the Motherland have got this whole Gorgeously Wise thing down, whereas I'm scratching my head to come up with a similar analogy to an American actor. I feel pressured to say Meryl Streep, but more or less because I think she could call a hit out on me if I didn't. Hm. Odd.