Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Don

This post is in part due to Amy Wang, who specifically requested I post about something happy this week. Something other than Mormons. And given the fact that more than one person I know has suffered a loss in pups, I can't agree more.

Also, I don't know WHY she would think all I write about is Mormons...

Just ignore those links. 

Anyway, two posts ago I had promised a discussion on the incredibly important news. Amy had noted I was supposed to talk about it. So, here it is:

We got a new pug.

For those of you who don't know, I have had a pug in my life that I've written obsessively about for the last year or so.

Her name is Woo.

She has no nose.

She moves about as much as arctic glaciers.

Actually, I take that back. With climate change happening the way it is, the glaciers are moving at a faster rate (and more often) than her.

Suffice it to say, Woo is kind of zen. She likes to just be.

Even if I'm having a bad day...

She really doesn't let it get to her.

If I had to pick something as her one weakness, I would say it's her bed.

Sometimes her bed has been known to transform into alternative locations.

Her favorite hobby is sleep. Without fail. And she's protective of her bed.

This is Woo being not-happy with the stuffed animal pug that (mistakenly) thought it was ok to go into Woo's bed.

Anyway, aside from the obvious, Woo has been my source for the ridiculous (and thus my muse) for quite some time. She is my squishy reminder of the silly joys of life. And recently, my parents acquired another slightly-less squishy joy.

Meet Diego:


He's active....

He's... social...

He is not named after Diego Rivera, as much as I am convinced of the resemblance...

Instead, he is named after Don Diego, as in, the Clark-Kent identity of Zorro.




I mean, aside from the black mask around the eyes...I'm not seeing the resemblance.

But, whatever.

He is a happy addition to my parents' home.

Even Woo seems okay with him. I mean, she lets him into her bed.

Which may or may not be physically comfortable... but, it's sweet nonetheless.

So, that's the news from lake woebegone. We got a new pug. But, it doesn't make the old pug any less sweet or adorable. When I go to visit now I have two sets of paws coming at me, which is making it hard to say no to invitations to visit.

More soon I hope. For now, I hope this suffices, Amy. And for anyone else that's in need of happy-pup stories, feel free to email me and I'll send you one of the many mini videos I've already taken of Diego running back and forth as Woo sleeps on in her bed.


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