Sunday, May 6, 2012

The My Heart Project

Update to the original blog post below:

We have a Kickstarter up and running for the "My Heart" Music Video Project and have gotten fantastic support from people all over the country! We've already reach goal for the budget of the production and shooting has come and gone. Now comes the hard part of editing, working on the matting, animation and promotion! Website of music is almost up and running...stay tuned and feel free to reread below!

Begin previous posting:

Don't worry--I wasn't eaten by ravenous wolves.  Or pugs for that matter.  Nor was I chucked down some horrible spiral of doom as of last Fall.

But, I'm still figuring out the new job, still trying to grapple with changing cities/living situations, I got into a car accident, and my pug barked at me when I came home to visit the other night.

She didn't recognize me.

After a year of living together.

I get the feeling, though, that feeling routine disappointment over stressful things that happen in life isn't quite the point of life.

So, onward and upward to new and better things.  That's where *this* comes in...

The Music Video Project

I'm in the process of pulling together a crack! team (mostly because I like saying crack! team) to help me build stuff for a very cool project.

Remember the song My Heart?


It's ok. It hasn't gone viral.... yet.

I posted a live performance of it on Facebook a while ago right after I had written it--back when I had more leisure time and a lot more pug loving--and it seemed to catch peoples' attention. A lot of friends said they got it stuck in their head, which both annoyed them and buoyed me. Anyway, things got busy, I got overwhelmed, the pug forgot me, and I forgot about this song.

But, then I played it for some new friends for the first time.  And they reminded me that there is a potential here for something that could be entertaining for a lot, lot more people, thanks to the handy-dandy Internet.

It's always been in the back of my mind that I would love to do a music video with an actual group of other artisans. Working at a theatre, I'm surrounded by talented artists, but so rarely do I get to work on a creative project with them.

That's when I gave my friend Jonathan Potter a call asking if he'd be interested in doing a film together.

It Begins

So, here's a taste of where I'm going.  Below is the storyboard I've been working on edited by Jonathan with one of the recordings I have of the song.  Be warned:  it's not the final draft of the storyboard, nor is it the final draft of my singing the song (I know there are a couple wonky notes in there) but overall, it's a great beginning.