Tuesday, January 3, 2012

iFail: New Years 2012

I think it's clear that the blog has taken a bit longer to get in touch with during the mess of this time.


I shall just say I am working on it.  The only trouble is, my room(s) are in a mess.

I think the problem is I went from living off of part time work, living with the parents and BARTing my butt everywhere to owning a car, renting, working full time and possibly planning devious plots to take over local dives with my music.

Life got intense.  Real quick.

Then there was the blog.

And in the back of my mind I kept thinking, "I should update.  I should update soon.  But, what to update about?"

It seemed rather boring, if not self-indulgent to go on and on about my doings, but the trouble is my doings have kept me from learning interesting facts and watching tons of documentaries like I used to when I had free time.

Therefore, you get a split kanich of the two:

A Woo Update.

I know you've been wondering a) Whatever happened to that adorable fur ball and b) What is Beryl going to do now that she doesn't live with her anymore?

The answer to both is:  I am going to find a way to steal her.  Don't tell my family.  They don't need to know.  Even though they follow this blog.



She is the love of my animal life, even though I think she spoils me.

But, it's a mutual kind of awkward adoration:  when I have food she will cut a bitch (no, really--if there was another female dog near her who tried to take me-with-food away from her, there would be hell to pay) to protect me from harm.

She also falls asleep routinely and didn't even notice when I moved out.

Or rather, when I came back after being gone for approximately a week she didn't even bat an eyelash, let alone get up out of her pug bed.

Ok, so sometimes she might look up--but only if the food factor has increased by a likelihood of one crinkly bag being opened near her.

You think I'm joking that this is what she looks like snuggled.  But, I'm not.

I think this is about when she mistook my camera snapping photos for a new version of crinkly food bags.

Sadly for Woo, there weren't any treaties to be found after this photo shoot.

I am going to miss Woo, even though she will not be too far away.

We had some good times together, like when she and I went as Robin Hood & Friar Tuck for Halloween:

She also was a routine analyst in general of my wardrobe.  

She also is a great accessory to pajamas.

She is so delicate in nature.  So subtle. 

And she just knows where exactly to go to find the blackest item on any surface.


NEXT WEEK:  The story of the woman who went around the world in 80 days.  But, unlike Phileas Fogg, she did it in reality.  Say WHAT suckah?!  Yea.  I said it.

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