Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday Cards 2011

I should go into business as a card vender.  After a year of blogging, I think I've got it all covered at this point.

Seriously, I love the holidays.  When the weather turns to more windy and rain I love to walk around or go for runs.  When the leaves get crunchy underfoot I am all over them, making mulch faster than my sidewalk trees can absorb them.  And the scarves--don't even get me started on the scarves.  I have more scarves than I have neck.  Even if I were a Giraffe there would still be too much scarf.

I think the reason why holidays are so wonderful for me is that I had a good association with them, growing up in the olde towne Alameda--or as I like to call it, The Island.  Alameda is one of the few remaining places in the Bay Area that is definitely old fashioned.  If we could afford one, we'd have a debutant ball--that's how old fashioned we are.  Although, I did have my own Coming Out party.  But, that had a different theme altogether. 

Anyway, anyway, the holiday season is now well underway.  Last year I made my own turkey, I helped decorate here and even threw a gingerbread house making party.  This year, I am slightly worried holidays will slip past me.  I just barely got a pumpkin carved the night before Halloween and already we're into the first week of November.  So, for now, I give you...

Not-so-Limited Edition Life and Beryl Holiday Cards

There's your classic Thanksgiving Card:

"Turkey:  $18.  Holiday themed centerpiece:  $30.  The therapy induced from getting together with the family:  priceless." 

Christmas cards for the disenchanted friend, who believes Santa to be a deranged drunk that defecates in your front garden:

Birthday cards for that loner, literary figure in your family who needs to lighten up:
And of course, my favorite holiday--Halloween:

"Scared yet?"


p.s. Seriously, if you are interested in Life and Beryl cards--what in the hell is wrong with your local card shop? Just steal these and print them out on your printer and go support a local business instead.  Seriously.  It's what I do.


  1. I am copying your "Classic Thanksgiving Card" because its so great :)

  2. oh my. i love to laugh. ive really enjoyed getting caught up with your posts. your writing makes me happy. the letters you sent were incredible. I have been trying to get stationary that isn't 1000 euros. hopefully the collapse of all economies will result in my ability to afford stationary, but in the meantime, I miss you, my friend! rally forth! (said in a braveheart freeeedooooom! kind of way)

  3. Jenny- Fantastic! This is good to hear that the Life and Beryl greeting card industry is making an impact.

    Alana-- Ah! I am so happy to hear from you. It's like this whisper from across the atlantic that is so thrilling/exciting. I miss you, too. I hope all is well in France. Worse comes to worst just send out your letters via an old frenchman. I'm sure he wouldn't mind coming to California for a bit.