Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Laundry Situation

So, I goofed.

I'm late with the blog again.  But, more importantly, I have a situation.  A Laundry Situation.

The Laundry Situation

A lot of changes have occurred in a short period of time.  Lots of little things fell to the wayside I normally keep up with weekly (like the blog).  Then I ran out of clothes.

No, that's not dirty laundry.  That would be normal.  No, no, see I washed my clothes only to be too tired to fold it on Laundry Night.  So, I left the massive pile in the bin.  Then I woke up the next day and thought "Man, that's a huge pile.  Too bad I have work all day.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll do it."

As most procrastinators will recognize, this is Phase 1 of Denial:  believing in yourself.

I then proceeded to push off folding it for another four days.  It became absurd, just sitting there, while my actual dirty laundry was increasing in size, without a bin to place it in.  I decided to be pro-active.  Did you fold it? you ask.  No.  That would be smart.

I instead moved the huge pile--yes, moved it--to on top of my bed, wherein I thought to myself evilly, "This will get me to fold it!  I'll have to fold it to get to my bed!"

Turns out, that tactic didn't work.  New data from studies show that a Tired Beryl is ten times more likely to push piles of clean clothes onto the floor rather than fold it.  So for the next few days a new, festering routine kicked up:

In the morning, I would wake to see the huge pile on the floor and move it happily to the bed, thinking "Tonight's the night... I can feel it," then of course, shifting it back onto the floor amid a sense of dread and self-disappointment for the morning.  It was like a sick, twisted cycle I couldn't pull myself out of.  It's still on my bed, waiting.

That's when I came up with my brilliant idea.

So What's Up? 

Laundry, like many things in my life, has become obsolete in the face of two part time jobs that are now coming to an end to be replaced by...

*drum roll please*

A full-time position with my favorite theatre company.  Not only has this meant a surreal week of interviews and pleasant surprises amid all the other odd commuting and hours I've been working, this has ALSO meant a huge shift in my life for the foreseeable future, all of which I hope to happily keep you abreast* of.

Thank you for your patience and I plan to be back on schedule (whatever that is--what was the last day I was traditionally posting on?  Tuesday?  Sunday?  Can't remember because it's been that. long.) at the top of November, if not sooner.


p.s. Teehee: "a-breast."


So Halloween approaches.  You might remember my Otter Costume  I fixed together last year.

Earlier today on Facebook it became clear that a lot of people believed me to be a good Robin Hood as a child.  So, I managed to find my old Robin Hood hat again.  And then I realized there was an opportunity here I could not pass up.  I give you...

Friar Pug.

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