Friday, September 9, 2011

Out to Lunch With a Test

So this week was kind of a cluster of not good scheduling.  And, I'm quite surprised to say it really wasn't my fault.  So, I'll be back next week to tell you the lovely story of what it means to miss your GRE test and have to figure out a way to take it so that its returned scores don't come back after you apply to Grad School.

Also, hi.

How are you?

No, really I do care.  I'm not just asking this question because I have the urge to surreally change the subject.

Anyway, I'm out.

Ok, so I lied about really caring or not.

But, please.  Leave me some glorious updates on YOUR life as I will be absent from discussing mine presently.

It would have been more about Colin Firth, anyway.


p.s. Depending on how much flack/feedback I get about Colin Firth, that may or may not still happen.  Two Party Democracy:  it makes half the population unhappy.



  2. Amy, I think we need to create a triumphant sound mix for when the door lowers.

    Abby, Hark a vagrant is one of my favorite online comics. I didn't see that one and it's actually kind of the truth--the behind the scenes of Pride and Prejudice (because yes, I got the special edition with dvd interviews) talks about how the screenwriters were thinking MAJOR LUSTFUL INACTIVE DARCY.