Monday, May 2, 2011

The Masses v. The Individual

I have a couple friends (re: insane people) who are going to Law School and as such, I get to learn tidbits of the Law through them.  For example, did you know you could get SUED for practically anything that involves you causing physical harm, even on accident?  Aka, if I was a five year old boy and I shoved my grandma, yea, she could take me to court.

My newly acquired weak understanding of our law system comes on the heels of another Supreme Court ruling that basically says the individual buyer of a product could theoretically be giving up their rights to bring a class action lawsuit against the big ol' corporation and any breaks in its contracts it decides to make.

Basically, grandma can sue a little boy, but you can't sue your cell phone company even after they charge you excess amounts of money they had explicitly said they wouldn't.

It seems America has a culture that the bigger peeps, the ones in charge, the ones that should know better due to their experience and advantage in experience, can and will take advantage of you, the idiot grandchild.  We're breeding a culture of distrust and ignorance.  The individual is getting lost and not receiving a very much needed learning curve.

So, that's what I wanted to talk about this week.

The Masses (of people) v. The Individual (person)

A lot has happened that has caused me to see these two extremes routinely.  Notice it's all about people this week.  No Narwhals, I'm sorry to say.

Basically, there's been some big world-wide events in the past few days.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, but for those of you who are reading this in the future and it's actually 2042 and you've downloaded a random chip of the internet you bought for $0.02 at a hover-car-Garage Sale (because in my mind old websites will be marketable in the future like vintage clothing and you will be able to download them directly into your head, Matrix-style), here's a recap:

The amount of hype this wedding got was akin to an action film explosion ending.

In fact...

No.  I was going to do a giant action film poster with Kate and William walking out of an exploding Buckingham Palace, ideally with the words LOVE HARD in bold red and black Helvetica Italic font flying off the top right corner. But, then I realized that I really should be doing more important things with my time, like getting a real job.  I will say this though, there were plans to put shades placed on Wills' face and possibly rocket-shooting the Queen overhead like The Rocketeer.

Moving on.

This is what I woke up to on my NY Times homepage today:

It's a strange day/week in a lot of ways.

Why Does Everyone Get Into A Tizzy Over Everyone Getting Into a Tizzy?

There's just something about a human being that is so classically sociable.  If there is something going on, we not only have to have a Big Opinion about it, but we have to share our Big Opinion, usually employing an unnecessary amount of exclamation points.  It's kind of like if a monkey were given a bigger brain and an ability to formulate words and type them.

Oh, wait...

Anyway, I noticed that the masses were in two extremes on both subjects this week: either you love it or you hate it and there's no in between.  But, that isn't really realistic for everyone.

I didn't exactly obsess over the Royal Wedding--as in, I didn't wear a British flag wrapped around my waste and cheer out in the streets on the day of--but I certainly didn't hate on it, either.  I watched that wedding like nobody's business because those hats were more entertaining than an entire season of Jersey Shore.

But, I am way less inclined to be "entertained" in any way shape or form about Osama Bin Laden's reported death.

If anything, I am in shock.  In a weird way I am angered he managed to escape in death; I would have preferred his capture and trial in the locations of all his attacks, force him to face the muslim world that does not agree with his preachings and have his legacy brought down a notch or two.  He fought and died on his turf, on more or less his terms, meanwhile the people around the world who have suffered because of him have been burdened with years of pain and healing against their will.

In this sense, I think that his being shot is a bitter reward.  To make matters worse, it is not clear how much passion his followers will have for continuing his murderous campaign.

What is clear though, at least from the pictures of people dancing and cheering like they had just watched a football game, that US citizens are still hungry for retribution, which is a heavy reminder of how slow the process of healing really is.

You're Making It My Business 

So this week I've learned something.  I think that the individual human gets easily bothered or rubbed the wrong way when a bunch of other humans are loud about what they're doing, whatever the case may be.  No, I'm not saying William and Katherine were loud in their vows--I'm saying the thousands screaming outside Buckingham Palace were loud.  

It's kind of like how I didn't dislike Katy Perry's song "I Kissed A Girl" but I disliked the millions of straight people who adored that song and sang it, regardless of the fact that hey, it's a song that objectifies my sexuality and turns it into a joke.  Btws, to those particular straight women:  You know what it feels like to be made to think your sexuality is insignificant, right?  SO WHY DO IT TO ME?

I think I should end this blog soon before it turns into a rant.

But, how to do it?


I couldn't resist.



Just because I wasn't obsessing over the wedding doesn't mean there wasn't a big Will and Kate fan in the house on April 29th.

If you looked "enthusiasm" up in the dictionary I'm pretty convinced this would be the image for it.


  1. I was about to be terribly disappointed at the absence of a LOVE HARD poster, I was ready to whine and beg until it appeared. As for the other, I thought the exact same thing about the sporting event aspect of it.

  2. lol. you make me chuckle. love the poster!

  3. watched the wedding. I'm judging you.

  4. Yes but it is Hilarious when Rickey sings "I Kissed A Girl" :P

  5. Jen- All I can say in response to both is I KNOW right? Weird.

    Moon - Yay! I am glad. Man, for my sake I hope they live up to that poster.

    Amy - I didn't just watch it. I re-watched it. Because that's what you do when your half-English mother starts to get nostalgic on you and you're trying to concentrate on keeping her sane.

    Jenny - I could see that, although I think I'd still want to smack him in the head for some reason. Then again, he'd probably like that.