Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Bowerbird

This week, in my latest bout of obsession over documentaries, I began watching almost every David Attenborough clip I could find on youtube over the last 24 hours.  That's right.  I've moved on from North Korea to something less depressing and more ridiculous:  nature.

If you hadn't noticed, the blog tends to be a bit obsessed with my dog.  In reality though I'm the farthest from obsessed.  I mean, I get to see her everyday, so she's not exactly an anomaly in my life.  However, more than one fan of this blog has informed me that they get anxious and/or confused if Woo doesn't make it into the weekly posts.  So, I try to abide by that rule.

This week, however, one animal is taking over in Woo's rightful place as No. 1 Cutie.

The Bird's The Word

So there's this bird.  It's called the Bowerbird because the male builds its own personal bower, or a small dwelling, out of sticks.  To make it more endearing, this bird will spend at least a year building up this little hobbit-hole-come-to-life and then decorate the thing to attract a mate.

I found out about this bird via my David Attenborough cycle over the weekend.  If you google bowerbird and Attenborough you can easily find the "BBC Life" video clip I will from now on be referring to.

I Need Healthier Hobbies

I think I've been going through a sappy phase.  Or possibly I'm just ridiculously sentimental and don't want to admit it.  Anyway, while watching this video over and over (because that's what you do when you find a video of a bird that decorates) my sound-design-brain started firing off ideas.

Or rather, I had this brilliant idea to make another funny animal video take-off, using Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" for the mating scene between the birds, or possibly Celine Dion's "All By Myself" for the bird with its less-than-savory choice of decor gets ditched.  But, these ideas weren't original whatsoever--if you're going to re-use something, it has to at least work in its own unique way.

That's the Bower of Love

Anyway, I got into a funk that my "amazing" idea to anthropomorphize another nature video online from the BBC with funny pop music wasn't as good as I had intended it to be.  But, still stuck on this bird, I kept checking in with the video now and again throughout the day.  It was about 3pm yesterday afternoon that I was listening to my itunes and then out of nowhere, this particular song came up.

And it worked, in its own unique way.

Also, I officially dedicate this random video compilation to Maia and Ashley-bird.


p.s.  If for some reason the video gets blocked due to copyright issues and you lurkers are curious what it was that was so beautiful to hear/see, let me know, and I'll put up a version not shared through Youtube.

Also, I have no other excuse for my somewhat-sentimental moments BUT TO MAKE UP FOR IT I GIVE YOU


We be jus chillin'


  1. now i'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day. thanks a lot.

  2. I take that as a compliment.