Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

To start off, I got a lot of responses/questions over last week's post.

And to give you an idea on where we stand on the issue of our dog loving her stuffed animal dog toy too much, here is a photo slideshow.

*Before anyone jumps to conclusions I'd like to confirm that these were taken candidly. You'll have to take my word for it that I did no posing; I would just walk by and notice a trend.

10:18am.  You will notice toy and dog are laying separately.  But, it was almost as if she knew it was a guilty-pleasure to have her companion and her in the same bed.  So she slowly, just so slightly, kept pushing that boundary, whenever she thought I wasn't looking.

10:45am. Note that the stuffed animal dog has mysteriously made its way into her bed.

11:13am.  I return to find this.


Backstreet Boys And Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fanfic

I was about to get all accusatory on her, but then I realized I have my own guilty pleasures in life.  I'd say those are my top two biggest ones.

I love the Spice Girls as well but for some reason that 90s pop music quintet sensation doesn't feel wrong to love.  If anything, I feel proud to be a Spice Girls fan because they are oddly in vogue again now that they've come back.

If the Backstreet Boys tried to come back--again--it would just be sad and awkward.  I think it's because they'd want to be taken seriously.  Spice Girls never asked you to take them seriously.  For that, I can respect them.  Also before you ask:  Baby Spice.  She had the funniest lines in the movie.  And the biggest shoes.

Going back to the fanfic, yes.  It's true.  I wrote two full-length fanfic novels as a teenager.  One had Lesbian Amazons in it.  I even made up my own "Amazonian" language.  Tolkien, eat your Linguistics Heart out.

Man that was hard to admit publicly.  But, I feel better.


Almost as if I finally let go of the pressure to keep that in.

Don't Act Like You Don't Have One

I'm not necessarily asking you to participate in a random survey of Guilty Pleasures.  Mostly because anytime I open up a forum on the human mind the results are usually frightening, if not overwhelming.

But, I guess what I'm asking is, if you have a pop culture/musical/food guilty pleasure, then by all means think about why it's a guilty pleasure.  Seriously.  Who is going to judge?  Who is going to call you up in the middle of the night and laugh at you?  Your mom?

My mom already laughs at me.  She did it earlier tonight.  She does it almost every time I see her, actually.  Hm.

Anyway, we all have them.  We all secretly enjoy something.  And perhaps I've just answered my own question; what makes something fun sometimes is the fact that only you know about it.  Kind of like how I love to watch BBC Soap Opera Period Dramas while eating cheesepuffs at 2am.


Well, aside from the fact that I now have to find a new secret pleasure, I'm curious what ranks as a guilty pleasure out in the wide world currently.  There are so many things we do today that we wouldn't if it weren't for the sake of the internet, alone.

So, if you have a guilty pleasure and are willing to share, please do.

If you're not willing to fork over the dirt, then please enjoy it at least once this week.

Because, I'll remind you again guilt or no guilt,

 even a dog won't stop loving what she loves.


p.s. One of you asked me how I go about writing the blog each week.  Here is my visual answer:

Woo falls asleep while I write.  That pretty much sums up our creative team effort, I'd say.


  1. "If the Backstreet Boys tried to come back--again--it would just be sad and awkward." They have been back for a while now and there is a NKOTB BSB concert coming soon...just ask Krysi

  2. Hmm what is my guilty pleasure?
    I like the show Castle! That's a guilty pleasure because I'm too embarrassed to giggle at Nathan Fillion when anyone else is around. His eyes are so warm and understanding...

    Also I used to enjoy impersonating Kate Mulgrew and frightening my sister with it.

  3. Jenny, I stand corrected. Although, I think it was more of a personal note--for some reason it isn't ok for my childhood boy bands to be trying to go back to being boys, Whereas it's fine for the Spice Girls to remain girly. Maybe that's what Girl Power really means.

    Dani-- Thank you for dishing! I just love Nathan Fillion because of well, Buffy, but more because of Firefly/Serenity. He is so adorable--and his comic timing is perfect to boot. I vaguely remember your Kate Mulgrew. And I vaguely remember being frightened by its accuracy. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant, Dani.

    Anyone else, please feel free to ad on!

  4. Guilty pleasure = Private Practice. Everyone's sleeping with somebody, people get babies cut out of their stomachs, sudden aneurysms. Good stuff. Oh and True Blood. Ridiculous story line and even more ridiculously good-looking people.

  5. Private Practice--wait. When was that show on? I feel like I missed out on it during its heyday but I remember the name vividly as if it was on right before or after Buffy The Vampire Slayer reruns or something. I have avoided True Blood only because of my past obsessions have lead me to be wary of the vampire shows; they'll pull you in and before you know it you're buying all seven dvd box set seasons. I mean. What?