Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rewatching Beauty & The Beast: The Montage

I don't know why, but I really love Beauty & The Beast.  I can't explain it.  I never really related to Belle.  I definitely wasn't ever (or will be) as hairy as The Beast.  And Gaston has a much bigger chin than me.

The closest character I could compare myself to is Le Fou.  While I can do a mean impersonation of him, I would rather not have him as my Disney Doppelgänger.  His name means "The Madman," you guys.

Anyway, it's still my favorite animated movie.  Woo differs in taste, though.

 Asleep within the first five minutes on movie night; this does not bode well for my plans for a LOTR marathon. 
I really love this movie, mostly because of the sound design (that magic mirror effect is so freakin' hypnotizing, it's like getting a really great audio massage) and the musical composition.  Who doesn't love the idea of two very-unlikely mates with the ULTIMATE tension of emotional-immaturity-and-insecurity-on-a-deadline-with-a-rose-that's-cursed-you-to-a-lifetime-of-loneliness-unless-you-grow-up-emotionally-and-fall-madly-in-love-with-the-most-amazing-and-mature-girl-from-the-local-village-who-you-know-is-smart-because-she-reads-adventure/fantasy-novels-and-that's-like-WAY-hot-in-a-feminist-way-right? 

Anyway, I think what makes this movie golden is its tenderness.  Like, if you just saved someone from being almost eaten by wild wolves you get to have them CARESS YOUR ARM WITH A WARM COMPRESS CLOTH AND SPEAK SOFTLY TO YOU WHILE SITTING IN FRONT OF A FIREPLACE.

It also exudes strong morals and open-minded political beliefs.  I have learned from this movie that it's not cool to stab someone from behind, on their rooftop, in the rain.  It's also not cool to force a woman into marrying you and/or decorate your interior using only antlers.  BAM, right there, Disney is pro- Peta, First Wave Feminism and Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

Again, Woo didn't get it.

The Beast getting JUMPED by wolves--this was the one part that she payed attention to.*
Fastforward to Transformation scene.

Beware:  spoiler alert for 1991.

When this scene rolled around I was expecting some sort of reaction from Woo.  I mean, the music alone is chilling.

Side Note:  there is something so sexy about someone who's beaten down by a decade-long curse and STILL gets right back up again.  I mean, look at that calf.  That calf says, "I am using my human body for the first time since puberty and I'm that much better for it.  I mean, check out that muscle I built from all the walkies I had to take myself out on while in Beast-Mode."

This part is a little awkward, though.  I mean, I get it--you're hot--so yea, you want to check out your new Hot Hand.

But, both?  You really have to look at both?  

The reveal is still always so good to watch, though.   I always want to shout, "REVEAL YOURSELF!" right before we get his full-front close up of Fabio Face.

Reason why camera couldn't focus on Fabio Face:  TMH (Too Much Hot).

You'd think with all that going for the final scene (the music, the movement, the moves he makes on Belle, the fact that Belle has to look into his eyes to be down with kissing the human version of her sweetie) Woo would be affected.

When in fact,

Woo giving me The Eye.

She had slipped further into the comfy of my mother's arms.

I gave up.  

But, I'm planning on re-watching this film while I have it in my Netflix grasp.  There was just something so calming about watching it with Woo, and I can't place my finger on why...

Regardless, *I lied about Woo's lack of reaction earlier.  She did also get a little uppity about the special edition's choice to re-insert the originally cut song, "Human Again."  

I captured on film her final take away from the song, as it was coming to it's climax:


p.s. Since I'm allowed one post script per post, I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss the wolves-that-would've-eaten-Belle.  This is not just because it was the one part that Woo had any remote interest in, but also I felt for the leader of that pack.  That wolf must have had a bitchpun intendedof a time to keep the faith going in those wolves to hunt in the same deserted stretch of land for god knows how many years.  And THEN they get cheated on not just one, but TWO victims within the same month all because of some stupid rose curse that you had no say in and definitely is not normal to natural ecosystem of rural France that you're whole family has evolved in.  

I just feel so much for them, you know?

p.p.s.  Yes, that is a studio-quality photograph of Woo on a beach, in a frame, next to my mom's computer.  Please don't bring this up at future social engagements.

p.p.p.s. I'm now allowed more than one post script.  If my mom can have professional photographs taken of our pet dog and leave me to be emotionally scarred/humiliated, then I get to have more than one post script.



    Tatiana and I have argued over who is the best Disney princess. She says Belle because: 1) she's not blonde, 2) she's from a simple background, and 3) she reads. (There were other reasons but I tuned her out.) You two should talk.

    I've always preferred Jasmine myself. I mean, come on. The girl has a TIGER.

  2. This conversation sounds incredibly difficult to argue. BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE....I don't know, if I say Jasmine I'm saying that it's all good to have only one escape plan in life outside of love (run away into a market and possibly get your hand chopped off).

    But, if I chose Belle it's fell in love...with a beast. I that that really ok with me? #woodoesntcount

  3. Also,

    this explains it all.

  4. "candlesticks are really good at love advice...because they're FRENCH"