Thursday, July 29, 2010

A New Text Messaging Game, OR Re: Atticus Finch Should Rule the World (See First Blog Entry)

Unbeknownst to us, my friend and I discovered the next best Text Messanging Game Phenomena.  I call it:   two words.

Tue, Jul 29 1:45pm Beryl

Two words: Gregory Peck.

1:57pm Duci
Three words:  where is he?

2:13pm Beryl
Four words:  newly reactivated restraining order.

2:17pm Duci
Five words:  being your friend ruins networking.

2:26pm Beryl
Six words:  Networking doesn't equal breaking and entering.

2:29pm Duci
Seven words: In my country, it works very well.

2:32pm Beryl
Eight words: Genovia does not count as a country duci.

2:37pm Duci
Nine words: We have tradition and culture americans won't understand, pssh.

2:39pm Beryl
Ten words: yes but gregory peck shouldn't be held as a POW.

2:44pm Duci
Eleven words:  had to google him but, um, pretty sure he does. Yep.

2:47pm Beryl
Twelve words: the fact that you had to google shows your lack of appreciation.

2:50pm Duci
Thirteen words:  of the peckster, maybe, but never of Genovia. Our country is of honor.

2:55pm Beryl
Fourteen words: you called him Peckster. You must die by being pecked to death by small rodent like birds.  I don't care im past fourteen words. Die genovia die!

2:58pm Duci
This got scary


  1. Nine words: Why wasn't I a part of this text storm? (Wait, does "nine words" mean it's actually elven words...? Twenty words. Twenty-two. Dammit. TWENTY-FIVE?!)

  2. See, I KNEW if I posted this it would leak it's way into the laps of those that would appreciate it like a small, incontinent puppy. LOVE IT. LOVE IT.

  3. Does um count as a word? And does POW really only count as one??
    Oh, and my mom is going to use your blog when she teaches To Kill A Mockingbird next year. xoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. Your blog needs a LIKE button to push cause I rember that day and Genovia

  5. R2 and the Three Ring Circus -- I believe my friend and I allowed for the definition of a word to just be a clump of letters--so acronyms and slang was allowed in. But only for this one time. Ah, I can't believe I missed your comment for all this time. Thank you for reading. ;) And I like your mom's way of teaching--she shall do well with any kids that are unruly; just show off Gregory Peck being awesome and moral and you're good to go.

    Jenny G. -- I want to make a like button! I wonder how I can do this...let me think on it, Jenny--and if I can figure it out oh HELLS to the BELLS I'll put it up. :)