Thursday, July 29, 2010

A New Text Messaging Game, OR Re: Atticus Finch Should Rule the World (See First Blog Entry)

Unbeknownst to us, my friend and I discovered the next best Text Messanging Game Phenomena.  I call it:   two words.

Tue, Jul 29 1:45pm Beryl

Two words: Gregory Peck.

1:57pm Duci
Three words:  where is he?

2:13pm Beryl
Four words:  newly reactivated restraining order.

2:17pm Duci
Five words:  being your friend ruins networking.

2:26pm Beryl
Six words:  Networking doesn't equal breaking and entering.

2:29pm Duci
Seven words: In my country, it works very well.

2:32pm Beryl
Eight words: Genovia does not count as a country duci.

2:37pm Duci
Nine words: We have tradition and culture americans won't understand, pssh.

2:39pm Beryl
Ten words: yes but gregory peck shouldn't be held as a POW.

2:44pm Duci
Eleven words:  had to google him but, um, pretty sure he does. Yep.

2:47pm Beryl
Twelve words: the fact that you had to google shows your lack of appreciation.

2:50pm Duci
Thirteen words:  of the peckster, maybe, but never of Genovia. Our country is of honor.

2:55pm Beryl
Fourteen words: you called him Peckster. You must die by being pecked to death by small rodent like birds.  I don't care im past fourteen words. Die genovia die!

2:58pm Duci
This got scary

The Most Tedious Pattern: Top Ten

I figure if there is anywhere to begin in here, it's to tackle the simplest form of listing and repetition, The Top Ten.  So, to make this horrifyingly dull pattern approachable, I wanted to discuss someone I fascinating.  So, a Top Ten, if you will...

On Atticus Finch, The Man I Want To Be When I Grow Up.

Monarchy systems, as they go, haven't done so well for the past couple hundred years.  I feel as though they're due for a comeback.  However, who to choose?  Who should be our fearless leader?  No, not me. Someone with ideals, someone with a passion for truth--someone who looks good in Sepia tones.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Atticus Finch Should Rule the World:

1. He admits it when he doesn't know what the hell he's doing and thinks he's wrong half the time, just like everybody else.

2. He actually has pride and adoration for his part in humanity.

3. He’s also aware of the fact that that kind of pride (referenced in point No. 2) just isn’t enough for a lot of people in the world. 

4. He made loving one's culture, land, life and people an undeniably attractive and attainable idea.  And he comes from the South.

5. He was played by Gregory Peck in the motion picture version of To Kill A Mockingbird and therefore will always visually be Gregory Peck.  What citizens of the newly-reformed Atticus Finchland wouldn't want to look at that every time he hosts an election--Why there would be elections in a Monarchy system eludes me, but to be sure we would need to see him regularly to fill our Atticus Finch Is A Hottie quota--and stands before his loyal Finchlandians?

6. He nick-named his son "Jem" and his daughter "Scout."  The Code for Queer Politics Section: A., under The Gay Agenda, paragraph iv, line 473, clearly states that this is a beautiful example of non-gendered, if not outright gender-bending nomenclature. 

7. He's a Badass:  He wears a full three-piece suit,  even in the dead heat of an Alabaman Summer.

8. Badass [continued]:  He's an attorney with expert marksmanship.  

9. Badass [continued] (continued):  Atticus addresses his sister as "Sister."  Bad.  Ass.

10. He's a single father that reads to his kids every night--way more loyalty (and literacy) than any of the last few centuries' dictators can claim.